Soft skill Trainings

As way to improve your business, we are offering complementary soft skill trainings that enhance your colleagues' capability.


Mindfulness is undoubtly the most effective method that helps being conscientious and being present to the moment.

Several benefits have been proven. It improves brain functions, has positive impact on the body and soul. Increases positive emotions while decreasing negative ones, like stress. Researchers have found that practicing mindfulness supports immunesystem and desease resistence. Besides, it contributes to a health, balanced, high-quality life. Relationships can also benefit from it.

Our trainings provide a springboard to those willing to improve their life and performance. Participants learn how to profit from mindfulness. With the training and some practice, participants are expected to experience an increase in motivation and general satisfation with life.

Top performing corporations has started to recognise that their biggest asset is their employees. To be a cut above, they have to attract and maintain the talents. Our courses are designed to support you in this ambiton

Feedback culture

Feedback culture, the culture emplyees encouraged to share feedback, has many benefits.

It increases employee engangement, work satisfaction and therefore increases productivity

Building a healthy and strong culture at the workplace should be the top priority for every employer. Our trainings will start your corporation in your journey to develop a healthy feedback culture at your workplace. Employees thrive whenever they feel valued and see meaning in what they do. This supports your colleagues in their learning journey and significantly reduces fluctuation.

Let us support your company in this transformation

Positive communication

Positive communication can be regarded as a complementary training to our aforementioned Feedback culture training

Participants learn how to share collaboratively and with empathy, and how to listen properly to support others.

Team Collaboration

This course focuses on an unhealthy triangle: the agressor, the victim and the savior that is present in our professional and in our personal life alike. With the theory and practical techniques, participants learn how to develop the right attitude without playing games

Organizational Development Trainings

For top or mid-level managers and to HR, we also offer organizational development trainings that improves the productivity at your workplace.

Our training repertoir is expanding, please contact us for personalized trainings

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