MIM is a part of the MIA software system that is designed to automate and enhance your eCommerce webshop.

MIM is integrated into Your website to monitor inventory, track changes and view sales data.

Each implementation is personalized and tailored to your business

  • Accessible Anywhere
  • Phone, Tablet, PC
  • Automatic Updates
  • Secure Multi-user login
  • Integrated into your eCommerce website
  • Personalized

Try the demo version

MIM has an intuitive user interface. To try the demo, click button below. MIM will start in a new tab

You have to log in with the credentials: username: mim password: mim
Feel free to look around.

You can find further instructions in each menu within MIM if you scroll down to the bottom.

The database is restored to default periodically, before that happens, all movements are visible.

What can I use it for?

As a stadnalone product

MIM tracks all inventory items. It shows you your current inventory at your showrooms, shops and warehouse.

The user records whenever a phisical movement of the items occur. MIM can have multiple users. Therefore, the different showrooms and shops can records movements as well.

You can monitor movements even from your phone, live. Sales are being recorded and the data can be used for further analysis.

Integrated into Your webshop

To make the most out of the MIM, you can integrate it into your eCommerce site

No need to label out of order items manually through the admin page of your webshop, because MIM does it automatically. Customers will not order more than you actually have on stock. The manual recordings in MIM decrease, because most of the are done automatically. Shipping firms will receive orders automaticaly.

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